CBPF Global Guidelines

The latest global guidelines for CBPFs were released by USG/ERC Valerie Amos in February 2015. The guidelines include a Policy Instruction and an Operational Handbook. The Policy Instruction sets out the principles, objectives, governance and management arrangements for CBPFs and the Operational Handbook provides technical guidance, tools and templates used in the management of CBPFs.

The guidelines are the outcome of extensive consultations over three years between OCHA and CBPF stakeholders. The guidelines harmonize the functioning of, and consolidate pre-existing management guidelines for Emergency Response Funds (ERFs) and Common Humanitarian Funds (CHFs) into a single CBPF framework. They also provide clearer guidance on corporate-level governance of CBPFs.

The guidelines also outline several new initiatives, including the alignment of CBPFs in supporting the Humanitarian Programme Cycle and the introduction of an accountability framework and operational methods to mitigate risk.


Background documents
Policy Instruction [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook - Annexes [zip file] - AR
CBPF Guidelines: Q&A [EN - FR - AR]
Vision Paper: OCHA Country - Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) and Beyond [EN - FR - AR]