Information Management

OCHA gathers and shares reliable data on where crisis-affected people are, what they urgently need and who is best placed to assist them. Information management services that OCHA provides support swift decision-making and planning.

When an emergency occurs, OCHA’s information management officers immediately start working with humanitarian partners to produce standard information products to support coordination. These include the Who What Where (3W) database, contact lists and meeting schedules. Tools such as the information need assessment and maps are made available to support better relief planning and action.

Regional ProfilesA clear information management structure ensures that all the organizations involved work with the same or complementary information, and that this information is as relevant, accurate and timely as possible. The data collected and analysed is also used for situation reporting and developing public information messages. Properly collected and managed information during the emergency phase can also benefit early recovery and disaster preparedness activities.

The website is also managed by the country office as an operational platform for sharing information, products and services among clusters and humanitarian agencies responding to an emergency.

In addition to the core information management products and services, OCHA Philippines developed the regional profile and is also developing the provincial vulnerability profiles to support emergency preparedness.

In collaboration with the Government and the Information Management Working Group, common data sets are also updated and data sharing guidelines are being developed. In 2015, the Philippines was a pilot for the soft launch of the Humanitarian ID system, a contact management application for disaster responders. With the use of the available Common Operational Dataset and Fundamental Operational Dataset (COD/FOD), the Pre-disaster dashboard have been developed using Tableau and launch in September 2016 and available in Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX).