The OCHA Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa (ROMENA) supports 20 countries through close working relationship with OCHA Country Offices and other Humanitarian Advisory Teams. The role of OCHA ROMENA is increasingly gaining importance as the Middle East and North Africa region is currently experiencing significant political, economic and social transformations, which generated several humanitarian crises causing an increase in human suffering and vulnerability.

Furthermore, many countries in the region are prone or vulnerable to hazards and disasters such as earthquakes, drought and flooding. Here OCHA comes to play a key role in dealing with the consequences of conflicts and disasters. It leads and coordinates international humanitarian preparedness and response efforts throughout the region in support of national governments and affected people.

In response to different types of emergencies in the region, during 2016, ROMENA managed to do surge emergency support and other technical and logistic support in Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and Iraq. More than 200 working days on preparedness, response, policy analysis and partnership and Information management. In countries where OCHA has no office, ROMENA follows on the humanitarian situation through the United Nations country team and offices of INGO partners.