Operational & Funding Documents

The Middle East and North Africa faces several severe humanitarian crises that have affected millions of men, women and children across the region. Each one of these crises requires careful, coordinated response from UN, international and national responders to ensure that the maximum assistance reaches those most in need.

This page provides a portal to access all of the key humanitarian planning documents for the region, including the six active Humanitarian Response Plans, and the Regional Refugee Response and Resilience Plan (3RP) which guides humanitarian response in major refugee-hosting countries (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt). Core humanitarian needs overviews and assessments for affected countries are also available via the categories below.


[Iraq] HNO 2017 | HRP 2017
[Libya] HNO 2017 | HRP 2017
[occupied Palestinian territories] 2017 Gaza Crisis: Urgent Funding AppealHRP 2017
[Syria] HNO 2017HRP 2017
[Yemen] HNO 2017 | HRP 2017
[3RP] 3RP 2016-2017: 2016 Annual Report