SHF Partners

SHF provides funding to international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and to UN agencies, funds and programmes for their critical humanitarian activities.

For NGOs to be able to receive and implement directly with SHF funds, they need to pass the SHF capacity assessment.

NGO capacity assessments are aimed at determining whether an NGO has sufficient institutional, managerial, financial and technical capacity and expertise to receive and properly manage and implement with SHF funds.

The assessment also provides a minimum assurance that the partner will be able to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to intended beneficiaries and be accountable for the use of SHF funds and UN assets. Furthermore, the assessment help determine, together with other accountability tools, the most suitable disbursement and monitoring schedule, programmatic and financial reporting requirements, and auditing plan for a NGOs.

Partners do not apply for capacity assessments, but are invited to enter the three-step process (partner prioritization, pre-assessment, full-fledged assessment) based on the criteria determined by the Humanitarian Coordinator and the SHF Advisory Board for individual assessment round.

For more information, please consult the detailed SHF capacity assessment Qestions & Answers (3 January 2018).

The latest list of the eligible SHF partners  is available for download here.