CERF Grants to Sudan

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) is one of the fastest and most effective ways to support rapid humanitarian response for people affected by natural disasters and armed conflict. CERF receives contributions from donors – mainly governments, but also, foundations, companies, charities and individuals – into a single fund with an annual target of $450 million. CERF allocations are designed to complement other humanitarian funding sources, such as country-based pooled funds and bilateral funding.

Sudan is the largest recipient of grants from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) overall since the fund’s inception in since 2006, having received a total US $256 million.

CERF grants are provided through two funding modalities:

  • Rapid response (RR) grants: Allocations to ensure a rapid response to sudden-onset emergencies or to respond to rapidly deteriorating conditions in an existing emergency.
  • Underfunded emergencies (UFE) grants: Allocations to sustain or support humanitarian response in emergencies that failed to attract sufficient resources.

Most CERF grants to Sudan have been received through the rapid response window of CERF. Since 2012, however, Sudan has increasingly been receiving CERF funding through the underfund emergencies windows, reflecting the increasing difficulty to mobilize funding for humanitarian response in the country.


CERF funding to Sudan, 2006-2014, in US$


For more information on CERF funding, guidelines and templates, please refer to the CERF Website.


CERF 2014
In 2014 Sudan received three CERF RR allocations – two in response to the South Sudan Emergency (April – $6.5 million; December – $8.8 million), which resulted in a massive influx of South Sudanese refugees to Sudan; and one in response to the new displacements in Darfur in the last quarter of 2014 (December – $7.9 million).

Sudan also received $20 million from the first 2014 underfunded round in support of underfunded humanitarian activities in Darfur and Eastern Sudan states of Red Sea and Kassala. Receiving more than $43 million (or 9 per cent of all CERF allocations), Sudan was the second largest recipient of CERF grants in 2014 (after South Sudan).


CERF 2013
In 2013 Sudan received CERF grants for three RR requests to support humanitarian response to conflict-displacements in Darfur states, Blue Nile State and Kordofan states. The fourth RR allocation was granted to support flood relief (September 2013). Sudan also received $17 million from the first 2013 UFE allocation round. Total CERF funds allocated to Sudan in 2013 amounted to $47 million, making the country the largest recipient of CERF grants that year.
2013 Sudan CERF Report - Blue Nile
2013 Sudan CERF Report - Darfur
2013 Sudan CERF Report - Kordofan
2013 Sudan CERF Report - Floods


CERF 2012
In 2012 Sudan was allocated $20 million from CERF – $7 million through the RR window for conflict-related displacement, Yellow Fever outbreak and Diphtheria outbreak; and $13 million during the second UFE allocation round.
2012 Sudan CERF Report


CERF 2011
In 2011 Sudan was allocated $31 million from CERF through three RR allocations to support response to South Sudan Emergency (post South Sudan secession); new displacement in North Darfur; and emergency response to a Measles outbreak.
2011 Sudan CERF Report


Earlier grants
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