Jordan Humanitarian Fund

The Jordan Humanitarian Fund (JHF) is a multi-donor Country based Pooled Fund established in 2014 as a response to the increasing needs and operational complexity of the Syria crisis.

Country-based Pooled Funds are humanitarian financing instruments established by the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC). They are managed by OCHA at the country-level under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). Donor contributions to each Country-based Pooled Fund are un-earmarked and allocated by the Humanitarian Coordinator through an in-country consultative process.

Scope of the Jordan Humanitarian Fund

The JHF focuses primarily on responding to urgent humanitarian needs through filling funding gaps and responding rapidly to new or unforeseen emergency needs, with exceptional funding for coordination, early action, preparedness, and resilience activities. The Jordan Humanitarian Fund also addresses the humanitarian needs in southern Syria in case of direct funding support for cross-border operations.

Within the programmatic framework of the Jordan Response Plan (JRP), the (JHF) enables the delivery of humanitarian assistance and has the following objectives:

  • To improve humanitarian response by increasing the allocation of funding to priority humanitarian needs through an inclusive and coordinated process at the field level.
  • To strengthen the leadership of the HC.
  • To contribute to the delivery of the Jordan Response Plan (JRP) within the context of the Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC), and Humanitarian Response Plan for Syria (HRP).
  • Strengthen the local capacities to implement urgent lifesaving activities with a preference to local NGOs local capacity.

Who can access the Jordan Humanitarian Fund?

Country based Pooled Funds are managed by OCHA and made available to National Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGOs), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), Red Cross/Crescent and UN agencies.

The JHF prioritizes the response for refugees in host community and works to enhance the capacities of local NGOs to provide humanitarian assistance for refugees in the camps and host communities.

Proposals should be submitted by eligible partners on the Grant Management System (GMS) at

Allocations & Application Process

The JHF can allocate funding through two modalities:

  • A standard allocation (through a call for proposals), which is issued twice a year, usually in March  and August, and which is aligned to the priorities of the sector Working Groups, who form technical review committees to review and recommend projects for funding.
  • A reserve allocation (as a certain percentage of the fund), which is maintained to allow partners to rapidly respond to unforeseen emerging humanitarian needs and is called at the discretion of the HC in consultation with the sectors.

How to become eligible partners of the JHF

In order to become eligible partners of the Jordan Humanitarian Fund, NGOs applying for funding must be active members of sector Working Groups and have to participate in a capacity assessment process. In this assessment institutional, technical, management and financial capacities of partners are systematically and transparently reviewed and determine the appropriate operational modalities for the administration of funding contracts.

Humanitarian Element Story

Marah, a 12 year-old Syrian girl who survived three bullets in her leg is now able to walk again after over two years of intensive medical and physiotherapy treatment thanks to JHASI and FPSC clinics. Marah is a talented young painter who aspires to become a doctor and treat war wounded children around the world. Read the full story