Environmental Emergencies: Events

Through the Joint UNEP/JEU, OCHA aims to save lives and alleviate suffering. It also ensures that humanitarian action builds the foundation for a quick, sustainable recovery so that local communities are more resilient in environmental emergencies. OCHA and the JEU are committed to advocating increased attention to the potential impacts of environmental emergencies in order to improve preparedness.

Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (AGEE)

AGEE is a global forum held once every two years. It brings key Government, industry, academic, and non-governmental representatives—policy makers, environmental experts and disaster managers—from around the world to improve prevention, preparedness, response and overall resilience to environmental emergencies.

The AGEE is a unique opportunity for emergency managers, responders and concerned stakeholders to discuss the way forward for improving partnerships, advocacy, capacity-building, international governance, operational modalities in environmental emergencies and integrating environmental concerns into humanitarian action.

AGEE Forum
Geneva, Switzerland
15-17 May 2013

The agenda for the 2013 AGEE forum included stimulating discussions and ideas for improving partnerships, advocacy, international governance and strengthening capacity, as well as operational modalities for preparedness and response to environmental emergencies and mainstreaming environment in humanitarian action.

Green Star Awards

The Green Star Awards recognize people who have made remarkable efforts to prevent, prepare for and respond to environmental disasters around the world.

The awards hail real-life heroes. They commend those who not only exercised courage and leadership to rise from the ruins of environmental disasters, but also those who worked tirelessly to prevent such crises and established measures to prepare for their impact.

OCHA, Green Cross International and UNEP are the joint organizers of the awards.

The 3rd Green Star Awards ceremony took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 2 September 2013.

Nominations for the 2015 edition will be open in 2014. For more information, please visit http://greenstarawards.net/.