Environmental Emergencies: Resources

OCHA works with its partners to develop international policy and effective tools and guidelines, all of which are critical to prevent, prepare for and respond to environmental incidents resulting from natural disasters and other emergencies.

Tools and Guidelines

Joint Environment Unit info sheet
Environmental Emergency Centre info sheet
Disaster Waste Management Guidelines info sheet
Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT): User Guide [English - Spanish - French]


Guidelines on Environmental Emergencies
Emergency Waste Management Guidelines [English - Spanish]
Guidelines for Environmental Assessment following Chemical Emergencies
Directives pour l' Evaluation Ecologique après l'Alerte Chimique
Guidelines for Environmental Emergency Response Mechanism
Guidelines for the Development of a National Environmental Contingency Plan
Sample of National Environmental Contingency Plan
Disaster Waste Management Guidelines [English - French]
Disaster Waste Management Contingency Plan Guidelines

 Reports on Emergencies and Activities


Linking Humanitarian and Nuclear Response Systems, a study by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


Keeping up with Megatrends - The implications of climate change and urbanization for environmental emergency preparedness and response
UNDAC Environmental Emergency Assessment - Ammunitions Depot Explosions in Brazzaville, Congo - March 2012 [English - French]
Map of Brazzaville, Congo Environmental Assessment of Munitions Depot Explosion
Environmental Emergencies Section Activities Map 1994 - 2011


Environmental emergencies: strengthening the multilateral humanitarian and environmental response
9th Meeting of the Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (AGEE) Executive Summary Report
Rapid Disaster Waste Management Assessment - Flash Flooding - Central Accra, Ghana - November 2011
Fuel Spill and Fire -Rapid Environmental Emergency Assessment- Mukuru-Sinai Slum in Nairobi, Kenya - October 2011


Nigeria - Lead Pollution and Poisoning Lead Pollution and Poisoning Crisis - Environmental Emergency Response Mission - Zamfara State, Nigeria - September/October 2010
Ukraine - Technical Scoping Mission Report: Technical Scoping Mission, Kalush Area, Ukraine - March 2010


Philippines - Tropical Storm Environmental Assessment Report Philippines Ketsana - September 2009
Burkina Faso - Floods Environmental Assessment Report Burkina Faso - September 2009


Albania - Ammunition Blast Ammunition Blast, Albania - March 2008
Honduras - Geohazards Geohazards Risk Assessment - December 2008
Myanmar - Cyclone Nargis Results from REA following Cyclone Nargis
Philippines - Capsized Ferry Results from REA of capsized ferry 'Princess of the Stars'
Turks and Caicos Islands - Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
Zanzibar - Power Outage crisis Results from REA following power outage crisis

 Reports - Archive