INSARAG: Structure

INSARAG is composed of a Steering Group, three Regional Groups (Africa-Europe-Middle East, Americas, Asia- Pacific) and a Secretariat (Field Coordination Support Section in ESB, OCHA Geneva).  It holds annual worldwide international USAR team leaders meetings and has ad-hoc working groups to deal with specialized issues.

The role of the Steering Group is to determine INSARAG policy.  It meets annually to define INSARAG strategy, review achievements and identify areas for improvement.  It is composed of representatives from INSARAG’s Regional Groups, the chairpersons of INSARAG ad-hoc working groups, the IFRC and representatives from the INSARAG Secretariat in OCHA-Geneva.

INSARAG is organized into three Regional Groups in order to facilitate worldwide participation.  The Regional Groups in Africa-Europe-Middle East, Americas, and Asia-Pacific meet annually to exchange experiences drawn from previous response operations. They discuss concepts for improved cooperation and coordination between international response teams in the region and present recommendations concerning worldwide issues to the INSARAG Steering Group.

INSARAG ad-hoc working groups develop solutions to identified problems.  All INSARAG members are encouraged to participate in these working groups.  Results of the working groups need to be reviewed by the INSARAG Regional Groups and endorsed in the Steering Group before implementation.

At INSARAG annual USAR team leaders meetings, international USAR team leaders discuss operational and technical issues regarding collapsed structure rescue.

The Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS) within the Emergencies Services Branch (ESB) of OCHA Geneva functions as the INSARAG Secretariat.


INSARAG Secretariat: Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS)/ Emergency Services Branch, OCHA-Geneva

FCSS Duty Officer (Emergencies Only) +41-22-917-1600
FCSS Fax Number +41-22-917-0023/ 0190 

Secretary of INSARAG
Mr Jesper Lund
Office +41-22 917 1783
Mobile +41-79 417 4166

INSARAG Worldwide

Winston Chang
Office +41-22 917 1173
Mobile +41-79 469 8588
Hanako Kataoka Hafiz (Administrative support)
Office +41-22 917 2385
Mobile +41-76 691 0018

INSARAG Pacific region

Ben Negus                                                          
Office: +41-22 917 1155
Mobile: +41-79 468 5950



Stefania Trassari

Office: +41 22 917 2815
Mobile: +41 76 691 0239


INSARAG Americas and Caribbean region

Christophe Schmachtel                                               
Office: +41-22 917 1684
Mobile: +41-79 449 4223

INSARAG Asia region

Yosuke Okita

Office: +41-22 917 3512
Mobile: + 41 76 691 0182


INSARAG Europe region

Lucien Jaggi

Office: +41- (0) 22 917 1893
Mobile: +41 - (0) 76 691 0226


INSARAG Middle East and Central Asia region

Jose Maria Garcia (ad-interim)

Office: + 41- (0) 22 917 1657
Mobile: + 41- (0) 76 691 0253