What is a Reception Departure Centre?

In many disasters there is a need to establish a Reception and Departure Centre (RDC) as a part of the OSOCC. The RDC should be located at the arrival point of international relief teams and relief items to facilitate and coordinate their arrival and further deployment. The RDC's primary responsibility is to register teams, provide an information briefing, direct teams to the OSOCC, and pass processed information of incoming teams to the OSOCC in order to facilitate its operational planning.
The RDC functions as a coordinating body for international relief traffic. It is intended to support the airport authorities with these activities. As the RDC may be the first point of contact for relief teams when arriving in the affected country, it must be prepared to facilitate the same basic services as that expected of an OSOCC. Some of the services expected by an RDC include situational updates, operational information, logistical support, and the facilitation of immigration/customs procedures for staff, equipment and humanitarian aid.
This graphic shows the RDC's basic structure and functions and their interaction with  typical airport authorities.

Should you wish to find out more about the OSOCC concept, don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff dealing with the UNDAC system or INSARAG.