UNDAC: Partners

As part of managing and improving the performance of the UNDAC system, OCHA maintains a number of operational partnerships with partner organizations, Governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sector, which all provide specialized support services both to the UNDAC team as well as to the wider humanitarian community.
These services include logistical support modules such as ICT support, base camps, office and vehicle support, which the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP), theAsia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership (APHP) and the Americas Support Team (AST) can provide in order to enable an UNDAC team, OCHA staff and humanitarian organizations to work self-sufficiently in a disaster area.
Other technical partnerships of the UNDAC system include NGOs such as MapAction and Telecoms sans Frontières (TSF), which can deploy with an UNDAC team and offer services such as emergency mapping and emergency telecommunications in disaster areas worldwide. UNOSAT is another operational partner, which provides satellite imagery and geographic information easily accessible to the humanitarian community. From the private sector, FCSS is closely collaborating with the DHL Disaster Response Teams who provide airport handling and logistics services to the affected country and international responders.

Among our partners:

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Fraudulent vacancy announcements are circulating on the internet calling for applications to a so-called "United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Protocol (UNDACP)". These advertisements have no relation with UNDAC or OCHA or the United Nations. They should be treated with suspicion.