2014 Humanitarian Data Visualization Challenge

The OCHA Policy Development and Studies Branch and Humanitarian Data Exchange project invites applications to the 2014 Humanitarian Data Visualization Challenge.

The 2014 Humanitarian Data Visualization Challenge aims to inspire original and creative interpretation and analysis of data that relates to humanitarian needs and response.


Individuals or teams can take part in the challenge. Participants need to developone infographic (no larger than a page) using a collection of data contained in the Humanitarian Data Exchange.

The infographic should focus on quantitative analysis and present a visualization that is relevant to humanitarian work, with preference being given to original trends-analysis rather than stand-alone aggregated statistics.

The winning entry will be featured in World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2014, OCHA’s annual publication. The winning individual or team will also be awarded a US$2,000 grant to help them further refine and develop their infographic.


The programme is open to individuals of any nationality who are interested in improving humanitarian assistance through data analysis and visualization. Organizations are not eligible to apply. Groups of up to three people may apply, but one person must be designated as the primary focal point.

Applications will only be accepted in English.

Application information
Submission form
Dowload Dataset [Zip]

How to submit your application

Please e-mail your application and supporting documents to: ochapolicy@un.org - with the subject line “2014 Data Visualization Challenge”.

To enter the challenge, please submit:

  1. A completed submission form which details:

    - The rationale/background behind the infographic and target message (one page maximum)

    - The methodology used to develop the infographic, including a description/formulae used in statistical analysis, the process for data selection, etc (one page maximum).

  2. The infographic as a PDF file (one page maximum) or a web link for an interactive infographic.

Deadline for applications: 30 June 2014.