OCHA Funding

The budget of OCHA DRC is covered with the contributions of the donors listed below, completed by the OCHA core budget.

Additionally, OCHA also runs the OCHA-UNDP Joint Humanitarian Financing Unit, which has a separate. This budget is covered by allocations from the DRC Pooled Fund.

Funding to OCHA DRC


Donors USD
Requirements for 2015 16,269,652
Earmarked Contributions 407,609
European Commission (DG-ECHO)
Opening Balance ** 28
Total (Contributions + Opening Balance) *** 407,637
Funding (%) 3%
* In 2015 OCHA received unearmarked contributions from the following donors:



Korea, Republic of



New Zealand

Unearmarked contributions (or commitments) are those for which the donor does not require the funds to be used for a specific project, sector, crisis or country, leaving OCHA to decide how to allocate the funds.
** May include unearmarked and earmarked funding with implementation dates beyond the calendar year
*** Excludes miscellaneous income (e.g. adjustments, gain/losses on exchange rate etc.)
Funding information from the OCHA Contributions Tracking System