Humanitarian Bulletins

29 Oct 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Eastern Africa, Issue 17, 16-29 October 2012


Localized heavy rain showers impact Somalia and Kenya

Food security in the region has improved as harvests start to reach the markets

DRC Crisis: more than 772,450 people have been displaced in North Kivu since January 2009

Ethiopia: number of severely malnourished children declines for third straight month in August

Up to 3,000 IDP families in need of humanitarian support in Luuq, Somalia

South Sudan: health...

14 Oct 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Eastern Africa, Issue 16, 29 September – 15 October 2012


  • Rains continue to pound much of region

  • Great Lakes crisis unabated

  • Burundi, Eritrea suffer from “extremely alarming” hunger

  • Food security expected to improve in Ethiopia as primary harvest starts

  • Flooding affects tens of thousands in central Somalia

  • Oxfam warns Somalia’s food crisis likely to worsen in coming months

  • Massive flooding to affect food...

06 Sep 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Democratic Republic of the Congo, Issue 02, 01 July – 31 August 2012


  • US$9.9 million allocated to boost humanitarian response in North Kivu

  • HAP 2012: mid-year review dominated by the North Kivu crisis

  • Violence in Katanga triples IDP numbers in six months, thousands out of reach

  • Majority of 2012 pooled funding has supported NGOs

North Kivu remains humanitarian “hotspot”

Current crisis has displaced over 220,000 and disrupted aid programmes...

10 Jul 2012
Eastern Africa Humanitarian Bulletin - Issue 9, 22 June - 9 July 2012

In this issue:

  • Great Lakes p.1
  • Ethiopia p.3
  • Kenya p.5
  • Somalia p.6
  • Uganda p.7
  • Horn of Africa funding update p.8


  • DRC refugees continue to stream into Rwanda and Uganda
  • Revised humanitarian appeal for Ethiopia expected before end-July
  • Increased food insecurity likely through September in areas of...
09 Jul 2012
Humanitarian Bulletin Democratic Republic of the Congo Issue 01, 01 – 30 Jun 2012


  • Over 220,000 IDPS in recent weeks in North Kivu; access and funding critical to relief effort
  • Host families primary source of shelter for IDPs in North Kivu
  • Resurgence of diseases illustrates dysfunctional health system; long term engagement critical
  • Critical food security programme short on funds
  • HAP 2012 critically underfunded, continuing a trend in funding shortfall