Situation Reports

26 Nov 2012
North Kivu Situation Report No. 12, 26 November 2012


• More that 110,000 people targeted by ongoing aid distribution in 12 IDP sites in Goma.

• Important displacement of population was reported on 25 November in Lushebere in Masisi Territory following fighting between the FARDC and a Mai-Mai armed group.

• European Union has provided equipment to restore power in Goma to ensure provision of clean water to around 700,000 Goma inhabitants.

• Humanitarian organizations...

23 Nov 2012
North Kivu Situation Report No. 11, 23 November 2012


• Heavy fighting on 22 November between FARDC and M23 in Sake forced thousands of people to flee in several directions; around 5,000 people arrived in Bweremana.

• Humanitarian organizations are unable to fly in aid and staff as the Goma airport remains closed.

• Restoring power to Goma is a key priority to ensure continuing provision of clean water given the high risk of a rise in cholera cases.

• As IDPs are...

22 Nov 2012
Democratic Republic of Congo: North Kivu Situation Report No. 10, 22 November 2012


  • Heavy fighting between FARDC and M23 broke out today 22 November in Sake, Masisi Territory, west of Goma, prompting further population movements away from Sake.
  • Initial estimates indicate that 140,000 persons are displaced in and around Goma and have significant needs for food and non-food items. Some are staying in primary schools without basic facilities. Further assessments underway.
  • Restoring power to Goma...
21 Nov 2012
North Kivu Situation Report No. 9, 21 November 2012


• Immediate humanitarian needs being prioritized in and around Goma include water and sanitation to avoid further spreading of cholera, replenishment of health centers that have been looted, food and basic necessities to displaced people, such as plastic sheeting.

• Around 25,000 displaced people are reported in Sake from Goma (Mugunga, Lac Vert and Ndosho areas) while 60,000 previously hosted in the IDP camp and surrounding...

21 Nov 2012
Situation humanitaire en République Démocratique du Congo, Note d’information à la presse SPECIAL NORD-KIVU, 21 novembre 2012

Importants déplacements de populations à la suite des combats autour de Goma, dans le Nord- Kivu. La communauté humanitaire se mobilise pour apporter une réponse à la crise.


• D’importants mouvements de populations sont observés depuis le 15 novembre dans et autour de Goma à la suite des combats entre l’armée nationale et le Mouvement du 23 mars (M 23). Les personnes déplacées se sont dirigées vers l’est de la...