OCHA Funding

OCHA Eastern Africa financing

For 2012, OCHA Eastern Africa requires US$4 million of which $2.1 million has been secured from Austria, Japan, Canada and the USA. An additional $ 1 million is in the pipeline.

OCHA Eastern Africa is a hybrid office combining both regional and country office services. The office is organized into five units: a Regional Preparedness and Response Unit, a Kenya Coordination Unit, a Public Information and Information Management Unit, an Advocacy Unit and an Administrative Unit.

OCHA Eastern Africa has 28 staff. There are 2 staff in the regional preparedness and response unit, 4 in the Kenya coordination unit, 4 are Kenya field-based staff, 7 staff work on public information, reports and information management and 9 staff work in administrative services. The Head of Office is currently on extended surge to Syria. The Deputy Head of Office has been tasked with the management of the office.

OCHA Eastern Africa is part of a joint OCHA hub in Nairobi, which further houses IRIN and ReliefWeb.

Funding to OCHA Eastern Africa


Donors USD
Requirements for 2013 3,916,997
Earmarked Contributions 3,039,714
Canada (CIDA)
European Commission (DG-ECHO)
Sweden (Sida)
Switzerland (DEZA)
United States (US-USAID-OFDA)
Opening Balance ** 373,939
Total (Contributions + Opening Balance) *** 3,413,653
Funding (%) 87%
* In 2013 OCHA received unearmarked contributions from the following donors: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia (Ausaid), Austria (ADA), Belgium, Canada (CIDA), China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (IRISH AID), Japan, Korea, Republic of (Korea), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand (NZAID), Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sweden (MFA), Switzerland (DEZA), United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (DFID), United States (USA-PRM), United States (US-State-IO)
** May include unearmarked and earmarked funding with implementation dates beyond the calendar year
*** Excludes miscellaneous income (e.g. adjustments, gain/losses on exchange rate etc.)
Funding information from the OCHA Contributions Tracking System