Coordination Structure

Key regional coordination fora in Nairobi are the Inter Agency Working Group (IAWG) and the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG). The IAWG was established in 2002 and is a membership-based consortium of some 40 regional NGO partners. The IAWG has a core group consisting of a chair, co-chair, treasurer, sub-group chairs and OCHA. OCHA hosts the IAWG secretariat. The IAWG has several subgroups looking into common areas of interest. One of these sub-groups is the communications group, co-chaired by OCHA and IFRC.

The FSNWG originally started as a sub-group of the IAWG. Chaired by FAO, the group draws membership from UN agencies, IFRC, NGOs, donors, scientific bodies and early warning systems in the food security sector. OCHA is a core member of the FSNWG. FSNWG’s strength has been its clear analysis of the food security situation in eastern Africa. FSNWG has several sub-groups. The Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) sub-group has been responsible for IPC (vulnerability analysis) quality assurance in the region. The market analysis sub-group monitors food prices at several markets in the region and analyzes trends in regional and local trade of food commodities. The La Niña task force played an important role in disseminating understandable early warning messages to humanitarian responders.

OCHA is also a core member of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) resilience platform, which should become the key strategic regional coordination platform for the future.

Up until end-2011 OCHA co-chaired with IFRC the Regional Humanitarian Partnership Team (RHPT). It was decided in 2012 to discontinue regular RHPT meetings, having determined that the added value of this forum was minimal.

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