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Uzbekistan - Project Posters - Strengthening livelihoods affected by the Aral Sea disaster
DRC - Integrated community empowerment and peace-building support in Ituri
Nicaragua - Reduction of human insecurity in Alto Wanke Bocay: An integrated, multisectoral and intercultural human security intervention
Madagascar - Human security project for the prevention of violence and vulnerability reduction for the most vulnerable inhabitants of Antananarivo
Ecuador - Integrated approach for the protection of vulnerable populations affected by the Colombian conflict on Ecuador’s Northern Border
Lesotho - Strengthening rural livelihoods severely affected by climate change-induced drought
Kenya - Lokichokio, Kakuma, and Dadaab host community project
Gabon - Strengthening human security through poverty reduction and sustainable social development for refugees and local host communities
Eritrea - Mobilizing communities to reduce reproductive health morbidity and mortality
Burkina Faso - Eliminating child marriage: A plan for protection, empowerment and community action