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Asia & the Pacific



Promoting social equality in the Gobi-areas of South Mongolia by fostering human security with integrated and prevention approaches

Duration: June 2010 – March 2013    Budget: $2,779,483.30

Implementing Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO
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Comprehensive community services to improve human security for the rural disadvantaged populations in Mongolia

Duration:  June 2009 – May 2012     Budget: $3,072,803.80

Implementing Agencies: UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, UNDP


Improvement of community health services in the northern regions of Kyrgyzstan

Duration: January 2003 – February 2006     Budget: $513,339.64

Implementing Agency: UNFPA

Project Summary


Enhancing human security in the former nuclear test site of Semipalatinsk

Duration: November 2007 – December 2010     Budget: $2,033,661.84
Implementing Agencies: UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP




Establishment of Relief Web Antenna Office in Kobe

Duration: April 2001 – March 2002     Budget: $350,735
Implementing Agency: OCHA


Creation of programme for regional emergency training for the Asia and Pacific Region

Duration: July 2000 – December 2003     Budget: $1,925,403.40
Implementing Agency: UNHCR

United Nations University Symposium: In quest of human security

Duration: December 1999 – December 1999     Budget: $97,021.31
Implementing Agency: UNU

Tokyo international conference on Semipalatinsk

Duration: September 1999 – September 1999     Budget: $124,300
Implementing Agency: UNDP


Community-based HIV/AIDS care, prevention and poverty reduction

Duration: April 2003 – December 2006     Budget: $824,000  
Implementing Agency:
Project Summary


Sustainable livelihoods for socially vulnerable refugees, internally displaced and local families

Duration: April 2010 – April 2013   Budget: $2,826,692
Implementing Agencies: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF


Integrated programme for empowering conflict-affected communities to rebuild their lives in north and east Sri Lanka

Duration: October 2010 - September 2013     Budget: $2,957,610.65
Implementing Agencies: UNICEF , ILO, UNDP
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Support for sustainable livelihood recovery among conflict affected populations in the North-East Regions through improved agricultural productivity and community-based entrepreneurship

Duration: November 2007 - December 2012     Budget: $1,779,298


Delivering essential reproductive health care, education, and psycho-social counseling to conflict-affected populations

Duration: February 2010 – August 2012     Budget: $1,163,203.86

Implementing Agencies: UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO


Beyond trafficking: A joint initiative in the millennium against trafficking of girls and women

Duration: September 2002 – December 2005     Budget: $480,640.23

Implementing Agency: UNDP
Project Summary


Community learning centres

Duration: May 2002 – December 2005     Budget: $490,698.18


Food for work enhancing social capital building

Duration: April 2005 – March 2008     Budget: $1,017,500
Implementing Agency: WFP
Project Summary

Total risk management programme in India

Duration: August 2003 – July 2005     Budget: $1,030,000
Implementing Agency: UNDP
Project Summary



Inter-agency programme to nurture peace, security and decent work through local development in conflict areas of the Philippines (Bondoc Peninsula)

Duration: March 2010 – February 2013     Budget: $2,563,395.30

Implementing Agency: ILO, FAO