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Asia & the Pacific



Integrated highland livelihood development in Mae Hong Son

Duration: October 2009 – January 2014     Budget: $4,633,477.20


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Improvement of health conditions of migrants in Ranong and Samutsakorn provinces in Thailand

Duration: September 2005 – September 2009     Budget: $1,524,312.41


Social and economic rehabilitation of former opium poppy-growing communities: Alternative livelihood development in Lao PDR

Duration: February 2007 – June 2011     Budget: $2,412,550

Implementing Agencies: UNIDO, UNODC

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Protecting and empowering victims of trafficking in Indonesia (EMPOWER)

Duration: September 2011 – August 2013     Budget: $2,357,798.30
Implementing Agencies: IOM, UNFPA, WHO

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Realizing minimum living standards for disadvantaged communities through peace building and village based economic development

Duration: February 2009 – September 2013     Budget: $2,165,595
Implementing Agencies: UNIDO, ILO



Healthy living and life skills education for HIV prevention in Vietnam

Duration: October 2003 – December 2005    Budget: $980,309.45

Implementing Agency: UNICEF

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Development of drug abuse counseling, treatment and rehabilitation service in Cambodia

Duration: May 2005 - March 2010     Budget: $1,176,001
Implementing Agency: UNODC

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Partnership for urban poverty reduction

Duration: March 2004 – April 2007     Budget: $1,114,975
Implementing Agency: UN-HABITAT
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Improving human security by mitigating arsenic poisoning

Duration: October 2004 - June 2008     Budget: $1,282,727

Implementing Agency: UNIDO

UNIDO Project Summary




Basic education/literacy, income and employment security for vulnerable people including children and women in Bhutan

Duration: November 2007 - December 2010     Budget: $2,235,839.10

Implementing Agencies: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP

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