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Human security grants for selected national human development projects

Duration: January 2008 – December 2012     Budget: $308,571.42
Implementing Agency: UNDP

Regional dynamics of human security: UN dialogue with the Global South

Duration: May 2005 – April 2007     Budget: $115,266.82
Implementing Agency: DPA
Project Summary

Enhancing capacity for the prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula in Nigeria, Pakistan and Mali

Duration: January 2005 – December 2010     Budget: $997,052.15
Implementing Agency: UNICEF


Human security in Africa: Assessment and capacity-building to promote sustainable peace and development

Duration: May 2013 - April 2015     Budget: 321,000
Implementing Agency: DESA/UNCRD

Promoting and developing the concept of human security in Latin America

Duration: April 2010 - December 2012     Budget: $517,121
Implementing Agency: UNDP

Human security for individuals and communities in Chernobyl-affected areas through local information 

Duration: January 2009 – September 2013     Budget: $2,610,478.20