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Northern Uganda early recovery project

Duration: July 2009 – July 2012     Budget: $3,914,193.80

Implementing Agencies: UNDP, WFP, WHO

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Multi-skills training and community service facilities for sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation

Duration: December 2005 – March 2010     Budget: $1,436,987.10

Implementing Agency: UNIDO

Project Summary

Reproductive health project for internally displaced persons in Gulu District

Duration: April 2002 – January 2004     Budget: $282,901

Implementing Agency: UNFPA

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Emergency provision of agricultural inputs in Kasese and Kabarole Districts of Rwnzori Region

Duration:  April 2002 – March 2003     Budget: $574,471.84

Implementing Agency: FAO

Project Summary