Iraq Humanitarian Financing Unit contacts

General inquiries:   
Management of the IHF and allocation strategies:
David White, Pooled Fund Manager:
Allocation strategies, partner outreach, capacity assessment and due diligence:
Craig Anderson, Humanitarian Affairs Officer/Deputy Pooled Fund Manager:   
GMS, monitoring and reporting, revision of projects and reports:
Fekadu Tafa, Monitoring and Reporting Officer:  
Budget and finance:
Mohammad Al-Masri, Finance Officer:
External reporting and communications:
Madoka Koide, Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer:
Partner outreach, capacity assessment and due diligence:
Wihad Wiess, Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer:
GMS, monitoring and revision of projects and reports:
Zhyar Kaka, Programme Officer:
GMS, monitoring and revision of projects and reports (in Baghdad):
Aseel Al-Khattab, Programme Officer:

UN compound, 100 meter street, Erbil, Iraq