Pakistan: US$440 million needed to help people still affected by 2011 floods

21 Feb 2012

9 September 2011, Sindh Province, Pakistan: A boy displaced by flooding sits with his belongings in hope of returning home. Credit: IOM Pakistan
Government of Pakistan and the UN launch a recovery plan to provide basic aid and help flood-affected communities build resilience

The Government of Pakistan and the UN today launched an Early Recovery Framework to help people still affected by the severe flooding that ravaged parts of Pakistan in August 2011.

The framework calls for US$440 million to provide basic aid, such as food, medical supplies, shelter, water and sanitation, and to implement projects that will help affected communities build resilience.

“It is critical that the international community supports this effort to make communities safer, more resilient and better prepared in the event of possible future flooding and other disasters,” said Timo Pakkala, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator.

Torrential monsoon rains in August 2011 triggered severe flooding in various regions of the country, most significantly in Sindh and Balochistan Provinces. Joint assessments by the Government and the UN conducted two months later found that the flooding affected almost 5 million people in Sindh and more than 300,000 in Balochistan.

As of early 2012, an estimated 10,000 families still live in temporary settlements in Sindh. Land remains under water in many areas, preventing families from returning to their villages. Today, many displaced people urgently need clothes, blankets and other winter supplies to cope with the cold.   

In 2011, the Government and aid agencies received only 47 per cent of the funding required to meet the immediate humanitarian needs. With the funding, more than 3 million people received food aid and about 450,000 families moved into emergency shelter. Millions of people also received clean drinking water, essential medical supplies and health care.

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