Sudan: Poor transportation severely limits humanitarian access to the displaced

20 Jun 2011

Residents of Kadugli gathered outside UNMIS sector HQ after fleeing fighting in Kadugli town. Credit: UNMIS/Paul Banks
South Kordofan displacement is now estimated to be higher than the previously estimated 60,000. Access to displaced people remains difficult.

In South Kordofan, the security situation in and around the capital Kadugli remained unpredictable. Heavy fighting was reported on 17 June in the Heiban-Kauda-Um Dorien area, according to the latest OCHA situation report.

While Kauda airstrip remains useable, Kadugli airport was closed for UN flights at this moment. To ensure the delivery of vital humanitarian aid and rotation of humanitarian staff, humanitarian partners are negotiating with parties to the conflict to establish a regular schedule of convoys between Kadugli and El Obeid in North Kordofan.

Although insecurity and transportation restrictions continue to limit humanitarian access, some assessments have taken place in several areas of the state. On 15 June, the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) reported that a total of 55,000 people were displaced in various in South Kordofan.  As assessment continues, the overall number of displaced people is expected to be higher than the previously estimated 60,000.

As of 16 June, an estimated 10,000 displaced people were around the UNMIS compound on the outskirts of Kadugli, according to UNICEF.

WFP’s partners have been able to provide over 31,000 people with food.  While WFP was unable to reach its warehouse in Kadugli due to ongoing insecurity,. WFP moved five trucks carrying 300 MT of food from its warehouse in El Obeid to the UNMIS compound near Kadugli to meet the needs of the displaced. Screening of children for malnutrition is ongoing.

Every day, 20,000 litres of portable water are  supplied to displaced people in the UNMIS compound near Kadugli and 20 latrines have been constructed by the water, sanitation, and hygiene partners in the past three days.

Health centers in Kadugli are experiencing shortages of paramedics as many fled due to the  fighting. Volunteers have been called in from other non-affected places to provide assistance. 

An inter-agency mission from Khartoum to El Obeid to discuss the new displacement and access to Kadugli and other parts of South Kordofan is planned on 21 June.

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