Rapports de Situation

29 Jun 2013
Sahel 2013: Sector Strategic Indicators - Food Assistance (May-June 2013)


• An estimated 10.3 million people are at risk of food insecurity in the Sahel in 2013. One year after the food security and nutrition crisis in the Sahel, the most vulnerable people in the Sahel are not yet out of danger. Food insecurity and malnutrition in this region present deep-rooted structural challenges that will take time and resources to overcome. Millions of people in the region remain affected by shocks such as the recurrent impact of three...

21 Jun 2013
Mali: Complex Emergency Situation Report No. 35 (as of 21 June 2013)


· From January to May 2013, 31,188 people travelling from north to south were counted at the flow monitoring points versus 31,384 people travelling from south to north. According to IOM, this represents the first time that movements to the north exceed movements to the south since monitoring mechanisms were established in January.

· As of 20 June, 54 per cent of schools in the three northern regions had re-opened.