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Dominica: Water and Sanitation Status in Collective Centres (non schools) (as of 15 November 2017)

Dominica: Water Source by Health Centre (as of 15 November 2017)

Pakistan: KP and FATA - Areas of Displacement, Hosting and Returns as of 31 October 2017

Chad: Protection Monitoring Sites - Lac Region (October 2017)

Northern Mariana Islands (USA): Location Map (2017)

Dominica: Health 3W (as of 13 November 2017)

Cameroon - Extrême-Nord Region (as of 3rd August 2017)

Libya Azizyah and Warshafana Region: Displacement from Azizyah as of 10 November 2017

Ensuring Yemen’s lifeline: the criticality of all Yemeni ports (as of 13 Nov 2017)

Dominica: Emergency Shelter Distributions 3W (as of 11 November 2017)

Dominica: Emergency Telecom Restoration (as of 10 November 2017)

Dominica: Health 3W (as of 11 November 2017)