ASG Kang's Statements and Speeches

Opening Remarks at Soma DRR Symposium Soma, 16 March
Remarks at Vienna Humanitarian Congress: Humanitarian aid under fire, 6 March
Security Council briefing on Syria, 26 February
Press Briefing on Central African Republic and Cameroon, 24 February
Statement to the Security Council Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict (delivered on behalf of USG/ERC Amos), 30 January
Briefing to the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria (delivered on behalf of USG/ERC Amos), 28 January


Statement to the press on South Sudan, New York, 4 December
Statement to African Union Peace and Security Council Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25 November
Remarks to the Royal College of Defence Studies, 17 November
Statement to the Security Council on Syria New York, 30 October 2014
Opening remarks to High-Level Meeting on 'Durable solutions to displacement in urban settings: the case of Haiti', 24 October
Statement at the 21st Convention and International Symposium of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations, 15 October
Statement at the Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the International Association of Korean Lawyers, New York, 3 October 2014
Statement to the Security Council on Syria, 28 August
Statement to the General Assembly on the Situation in Gaza, 6 August
Statement to the Human Rights Council Special Session on Gaza, 23 July
Remarks to the Consultative Group on Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination, 26 June
Remarks to the RBC Wealth Management Investment Forum, 18 June
Press Remarks on Myanmar, 17 June
Press Remarks, Islamabad, Pakistan, 8 May
Statement to the General Assembly on Syria, 25 February
Statement to the Security Council on the Central African Republic, 22 January


Remarks at the opening of the 2013 Humanitarian Symposium, 12 December
Remarks to the press on South Sudan, 4 December
Press Statement on South Sudan, 20 November
Remarks to event hosted by Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) “Understanding Humanitarian Affairs from OCHA’s perspective”, 12 November
Remarks to the informal EU COHAFA meeting “Bringing humanitarian influence to bear: OCHA’s advocacy to political decision makers”, 11 November
Remarks to the High-Level Preview Dinner Hosted by Plan International and UN OCHA for the State of the World’s Girls Report 2013, 8 October
Remarks to the Meeting with African Regional Economic Communities, New York, 1 October
Press Remarks on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 4 June
Setting the Scene: Main Challenges for Civilians in Conflict Global Conference on Reclaiming the Protection of Civilians Under International Humanitarian Law, Oslo, 23-24 May