Rapports de Situation

10 Dec 2013
The Sahel: 2011-2013 CERF allocations (as of 11 Dec 2013)

One of the biggest challenges for the humanitarian community since 2011 was the severe food insecurity and malnutrition situation across the Sahel. The crisis affected more than 18 million people in eight countries, and 1 million children under age 5 were at risk of malnutrition. Successive droughts, combined with conflict, displacement and cholera outbreaks, exacerbated the crisis.
Since the crisis began in 2011, CERF has allocated more than US$171 million to...

02 Dec 2013
Niger/Diffa : Innondations dues à la crue de la Komadougou (29 Novembre 2013)
30 Nov 2013
Crue de la Komadougou : des milliers de personnes à réinstaller et de nombreux besoins non couverts Update No2 du 29 novembre 2013

Contexte et faits majeurs

Environ 11 448 nouvelles personnes reparties dans 13 villages dans les communes de Chétimari, Diffa et Gueskérou, dans le département de Diffa, ont été touchées par des inondations liées à la crue de la Komadougou, portant à 15 086 le nombre total de personnes affectées depuis le début des inondations le 04 novembre, dont 3 638 dans le Département de Mainé-Soroa.

Bien que les eaux aient baissé de 18 cm par rapport à...

25 Nov 2013
Niger/Diffa : Innondations dues à la crue de la Komadougou (25 Novembre 2013)
15 Nov 2013
Niger: CAP Funding Snapshot (as of 13 November 2013)

With 74 per cent of the 355 million requested through the 2013 Global Appeal for Niger secured by November 13 2013, one can relatively describe it as one of the best covered Global Appeals this year. However, the fact remains that the level of funding in certain sectors does not allow humanitarian actors to respond as planned within the framework of the appeal. Five of the ten sectors, including Education, Water, hygiene and sanitation, protection, early recovery and health...