SSHF Overview

Children attend child-friendly space, supported by the SSHF in Nyal, southern Unity. Photo credit: OCHA/Iramaku Vundru WilfredThe South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) supports the timely allocation and disbursement of donor resources to respond to the most critical humanitarian needs across South Sudan in a strategic, coordinated, and strictly prioritized manner:

• Funds are channeled to where they are most needed according to the most urgent priorities within the Humanitarian Response Plan as agreed by the humanitarian community.
• Funds are made available for rapid response to meet urgent or unforeseen needs and/or bolster pipelines and common services at critical moments in the humanitarian response.

The SSHF plays a critical role in the humanitarian response. In 2016, US$81.3 million was allocated from the SSHF to:

1. Front line services: delivery of life-saving and vital humanitarian assistance and protection to people in most urgent need ($47.1 million), including a reserve allocation of $2.4 million to enable rapid assistance to reach tens of thousands of people displaced in and around Wau in June.
2. Common pipelines: procurement and pre-positioning of critical emergency supplies for frontline activities ($24.5 million), including a reserve allocation of nearly $11 million to procure pipeline supplies for the response in the Greater Equatoria region following the escalation in conflict and displacement starting in July 2016.
3. Enablers: common services - such as logistics, including transportation of supplies and personnel – which support the humanitarian operation and maximize efficiency and effectiveness ($9.7 million).

To kick-start implementation of top priority activities under the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan, in locations with the most severe humanitarian needs, the SSHF Advisory Board has approved an initial allocation of just over $23 million.

The allocation has placed top priority on funding multi-sectoral responses in famine-affected areas and other locations where humanitarian needs have spiked due to conflict and displacement. Additional contributions are urgently needed for the SSHF to continue to inject vital funding into the South Sudan humanitarian response.

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom are the donors currently contributing to the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund.

Additional information and resources on country-based pooled funds can be found here:

You can also donate to the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund and contribute to assisting the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan. Click here for more information.