SSHF Overview

Children attend child-friendly space, supported by the CHF in Nya, southern Unity. Photo credit: OCHA/Iramaku Vundru WilfredThe South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) is a pooled funding mechanism that supports the allocation and disbursement of donor resources to meet the most critical humanitarian needs identified in the annual Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).
The CHF also enables efficient and rapid response to unforeseen circumstances. 

The CHF improves humanitarian response by:

•    Providing funds in a timely and predictable way;
•    Ensuring funds are channelled to jointly agreed on priorities;
•    Helping to respond to both anticipated and unforeseen needs;
•    Strengthening coordination and the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator in line with the Transformative Agenda.

The South Sudan Humanitarian Fund has four main objectives:
1.    Promote needs-based assistance in accordance with humanitarian principles.
2.    Improve the relevance and coherence of humanitarian response by strategically funding assessed humanitarian action as identified in the HRP process.
3.    Strengthen coordination and leadership, primarily through the cluster system and function of the HC.
4.    Support and strengthen priority clusters and regional priorities in accordance with identified needs.

The South Sudan CHF, which was established in 2012, is administered by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office of the United Nations Development Programme in accordance with its financial regulations and rules.

Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom are the donors currently contributing to the South Sudan CHF.

Additional information and resources on country-based pooled funds can be found here:

You can also donate to the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund and contribute to assisting the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan. Click here for more information.