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I. Total Extra-budgetary Funding Requirements for 2006
II. Details of Extra-budgetary Funding Requirements for 2006



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ADRC Asian Disaster Reduction Center
ADRRN Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network
AERC Assistant Emergency Relief Coordinator
AGEE International Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies
AIMB Advocacy and Information Management Branch
AM Aide Memoire
AMIS African Union Mission in Sudan
APHP Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
ATCEHI Advanced Training on Coordination and Emerging Humanitarian Issues
Austcare Australia Care
BCPR Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery
BPHIE Best Practices in Humanitarian Information Exchange
BTG Burundian Transitional Government
CAP Consolidated Appeals Process
CAR Central African Republic
CDERA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
CE Council of Europe
CENTCOM Coalition Central Command
CEPREDENAC Coordination of Natural Disaster Prevention in Central America
CERF Central Emergency Response Fund
CHAP Common Humanitarian Action Plan
CIR Celule Inter-Agency de Réinsertion
CIS Commonwealth of Independant States
CM Coord Civil-Military Coordination
CORE-SYS Country Recovery Information System (CORE-SYS)
CPA Comprehensive Peace Agreement
CPAA Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Accra
CPN/M Communist Party of Nepal/Maoists
CRD Coordination Response Division
CRDMC Central Register of Disaster Management Capacities
CT Country Team
DA Dynamic Atlas
DCG Development Coordination Group
DDRP Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Programme
DERC Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator
DFID Department for International Development
DHC Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator
DHP Darfur Humanitarian Profile
DHS Demographic and Health Survey
DMC Disaster Management Capacities
DMP Disaster Management Plan
DMS Disaster Management Strategy
DMT Disaster Management Team
DPA Department of Political Affairs
DPKO Department of Peacekeeping Operations
DRC Danish Refugee Council
DRM Disaster and Risk Management
DRPC Disaster Response Preparedness and Coordination
ECHA Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs
ECHO European Community Humanitarian Aid department
ECOSOC Economic and Social Council
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECPS Executive Committee on Peace and Security
EEP Environmental Emergencies Partnership
EFCT Emergency Field Coordination Training
ELN National Liberation Army (Columbia)
ELRF Emergency Logistics Response Facility
EMERCOM Russian Ministry of Emergencies
EPRT Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
ERC Emergency Relief Coordinator
ERR Emergency Response Roster
ERTF Emergency Response Task Force
ESB Emergency Services Branch
EU European Union
EU-CS EU Council Secretariat
EUMS European Union Military Staff
EWS Early Warning System
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces (Colombia)
FiDMS Field Document Management System
FIMS Field Information Management Strategy
FIO Field Information Officers
FN Forces Nouvelles (Côte d’Ivoire)
FNL Front National de Libération (Burundi)
FSAU Food Security Analysis Unit
FTS Financial Tracking System
G 8 Group of 8 Countries
G-77 Group of 77 Countries
GBRR Government’s Bureau for Recovery and Reconstruction
GHD Good Humanitarian Donorship
GHDIG Good Humanitarian Donorship Implementation Group
GIS Geographical Information System
GoS Government of Sudan
GoSL Government of Sri Lanka
GPID Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
HAC Humanitarian Affairs Commission
HAC Humanitarian Area Coordinator
HAO Humanitarian Affairs Officer
HAP Humanitarian Action Plan
HC Humanitarian Coordinator
HCS Humanitarian Common Service
HDCS Humanitarian and Development Coordination Section
HFA Hyogo Framework for Action
HFDRR Hyogo Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
HIC Humanitarian Information Centre
HIMN Humanitarian Information Management Network
HIN Humanitarian Information Network
HIV/AIDS Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus/Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome
HLPR Housing Land and Property Rights
HLWG Humanitarian Liaison Working Group
HOC Humanitarian Operations Center
HPD Humanitarian Programming Document
HRF Humanitarian Response Funds
HRR Humanitarian Response Review
HSTF Human Security Trust Fund
IAET Inter-Agency Emergency Telecommunications
IAHCC Inter-Agency Humanitarian Coordination Committee
IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee
IATFDR Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction
ICC International Criminal Court
ICP International Conference Process
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IDD Internal Displacement Division
IDP Internally Displaced Persons
IFRC International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IHL International Humanitarian Law
IHP International Humanitarian Partnership
IM Information Management
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMT Integrated Missions and Transition
IMU Information Management Unit
INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation
INSARAG International Search and Rescue Advisory Group
IRIN Integrated Regional Information Networks
IRP International Recovery Platform
ISDR International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
JEERP Joint Environmental Emergency Response Plan
JPT Joint Planning Team
LAC Latin America and the Caribbean
LRA Lord’s Resistance Army (Uganda)
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MCDA Military and Civil Defence Assets
MDGs Millennium Development Goals
MINUSTAH United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
MONUC United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
MOSS Minimum Operating Security Standards
MORSS Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MS Member States
NAF Needs Assessment Framework
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NDMP National Disaster Management Plan
NEMC National Emergency Management Center
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NRC Norwegian Refugee Council
NSDR National Secretariat for Disaster Reduction
OCHA/CR Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Central Register
ODSG Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Donor Support Group
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD/DAC Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development/Development Assistance Committee
OFDA United States Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance
OHCHR Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
OHRM Office of Human Resources Management
OIOS Office for Internal Oversight Services
ONUB United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Burundi
OSOCC On Site Operations Coordination Centre
PBC Peace Building Commission
PBSOS Peace Building Support Office in the Secretariat
PDSB Policy Development and Studies Branch
RB Regular Budget
RCO Resident Coordinator’s Office
RDRA Regional Disaster Response Adviser
ROTA Recovery-Oriented Transitional Assistance
RRF Rapid Response Fund
RSERG Register of Stockpiles of Emergency Relief Goods
RSG Office of the Representative of the Secretary-General
SAHIMS Southern Africa Humanitarian Information Management Network
SART Search and Rescue Team
SC Security Council
SE Special Envoy
SG Secretary-General
SIDA Swedish International Development Agency
SMT Senior Management Team
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SRA Senior Recovery Advisor
SRRC Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission
TCPTRDMRO Tampere Convention on the Provision of Telecommunication Resources for Disaster Mitigation and Relief Operations
TS Transitional Strategy
TWG Technical Working Group
UAE United Arab Emirates
UK United Kingdom
UNCT United Nations Country Team
UNDAC United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination
UNDAF United Nations Development Assistance Framework
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNDSS United Nations Department of Safety and Security
UNEG United Nations Evaluation Group
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme
UNER United Nations Emergency Roster
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHRD United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot
UNIHAG United Nations Inter-agency Humanitarian Advocacy Group
UNMIS United Nations Mission in Sudan
UNORC Office of the United Nations Recovery Coordinator
UNRC United Nations Resident Coordinator
UNTS United Nations Transitional Strategy
UNV United Nations Volunteer
USG Under-Secretary-General
USRT Urban Search and Rescue Team
VAC Vulnerability Assessment Committee
VOSOCC Virtual On-Site Operations Coordination Center
WB World Bank
WCDR World Conference on Disaster Reduction
WEF World Economic Forum
WFP World Food Programme
WWW Who Does What Where database
XB Extra-budgetary