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Regional Offices

Each OCHA Regional Office has its own history, priorities and specific activities. The raison d'Ítre for all of them, however, is based on the assumption that as regional structures they bring an added value to the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance, be it as support to country offices or by addressing coordination, preparedness and advocacy issues for which a regional approach is warranted.

OCHA Regional Offices have added enormously to the effectiveness of OCHA's work by:

    a) Taking a regional approach to analysing humanitarian needs: analysing all types of crises (conflict-related, health- related, environmental and natural disasters) from a regional perspective, which allows a more holistic view and adds weight and substance to advocacy strategies as well as to regional preparedness planning.

    b) Facilitating regional disaster preparedness/contingency planning: disasters or complex emergencies rarely affect a single country. OCHA Regional Offices initiate and coordinate preparedness activities that go beyond the