OCHA in 2007
Activities and Extra-Budgetary Funding Requirements

table of contents

  1. Office of the Under Secretary-General/Emergency Relief Coordinator
    Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator; Director, New York; Director, Geneva
    1. Displacement and Protection Support Section
    2. Emergency Preparedness Section
  2. Executive and Administrative Offices
    1. Staff Development and Learning Section
  3. Inter-Agency Standing Committee/Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs (IASC/ECHA) Secretariat
  4. Implementation of the Humanitarian Reform Initiative
    1. Humanitarian Reform Support Unit
    2. Strenghtening of the Humanitarian Coordinator System Project
  1. Coordination and Response Division
    1. Early Warning and Contingency Planning Section
    2. Pandemic Influenza Contingency Support Team
  2. Emergency Services Branch
    1. Field Coordination Support Section (Project)
    2. Surge Capacity Section
    3. Civil Military Coordination Section (Project)
    4. Logistics Support Unit (Project)
    5. Environmental Emergencies Section (Project)
  3. External Relations and Support Mobilization Branch
    1. Donor and External Relations Section
    2. Consolidated Appeals Process Section
    3. Geographical Coordination and Monitoring Section
  1. Policy Development and Studies Branch
  2. Protection of Civilians Project
  3. Evaluation and Studies Project
  4. Gender Equality Project
  1. Advocacy and Information Management Branch
    1. Information Analysis Section
    2. ReliefWeb Project
    3. Field Information Services Unit (Project)
  2. Information and Communications Technology Section
  1. Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)
  2. Regional Offices
    1. Regional Office for Central and East Africa
    2. Regional Office for Southern Africa
    3. Regional Office for West Africa
    4. Regional Office for the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and Afghanistan
    5. Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
    6. Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
  3. Regional Disaster Response Advisors
    1. Regional Disaster Advisor for Central Asia
    2. Regional Disaster Response Advisor for the Pacific
  4. Field Offices: Africa
    1. Burundi
    2. Central African Republic
    3. Chad
    4. Côte d'Ivoire
    5. Democratic Republic of Congo
    6. Eritrea
    7. Ethiopia
    8. Somalia
    9. Sudan
    10. Uganda
    11. Zimbabwe
  5. Field Offices: Middle East
    1. occupied Palestinian territory
  6. Field Offices: Asia
    1. Indonesia
    2. Islamic Republic of Iran
    3. Nepal
    4. Papua New Guinea
    5. Sri Lanka
  7. Field Offices: Europe
    1. Russian Federation
  8. Field Offices: Latin America and the Caribbean
    1. Colombia
    2. Haiti
    1. Toward a More Strategic Approach to Planning and Performance Management
    2. Reducing Risk: An Imperative for Effective Humanitarian Action
    3. Regional Offices
    4. Humanitarian Reform
  1. I. Total Extra-budgetary Funding Requirements for 2006
  2. II. Details of Extra-budgetary Funding Requirements for 2006
  3. Acronyms