OCHA in 2007
Activities and Extra-Budgetary Funding Requirements


The mission of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian action in partnership with national and international actors in order to:

  • alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies;
  • advocate for the rights of people in need;
  • promote preparedness and prevention; and
  • facilitate sustainable solutions.

OCHA wishes to thank Jan Egeland for more than three years of service as Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator. Throughout his time with OCHA he provided a tireless example of advocacy and concerned engagement on behalf of all people, especially the most vulnerable. He remains an inspiration to us all.

Editorial Team

Prepared by OCHA staff and consultants under the guidance of Rashid Khalikov, Director, OCHA New York.

OCHA wishes to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of its committed staff at headquarters and in the field in the preparation of the narrative, financial and graphic components of this document.

Project Manager:
Anne Cubilié

Managing Editor:
Nancy Lucas

Assistant Editors:
Maria-Theresa Angulo
Susanne Frueh
Matthew Hochbrueckner
Margarette Ross

Layout, cover, graphics and tables:
Beat Studios, Canada

Akiko Hariyama, ReliefWeb, OCHA

OCHA wishes to thank IRIN and OCHA staff
for the photographs included in this report.

Cover Picture:
Abdimalik Yusuf/IRIN

For additional information, please contact:
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