policy development

Intergovernmental Support Section

The Intergovernmental Support Section (IGSS) contributes to greater awareness and application of humanitarian policies
and principles by promoting systematic and informed policy dialogue among Member States, including through United
Nations organs (Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC], the General Assembly and the Security Council) and regional
and sub-regional organizations.

In 2008, the IGSS will advance the humanitarian policy agenda by:

    1. working with the Civil–Military Coordination Section to enhance understanding and consensus among Member
      States on the use of military assets in disaster response (as requested by ECOSOC), including through the OCHAcommissioned study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI);
    2. promoting key humanitarian principles and doctrine to Member States, including through a study of the normative development of key principles and concerns since the adoption of Resolution 46/182; and
    3. explaining and disseminating to Member States humanitarian policy priorities defined by the Emergency Relief Coordinator and the IASC for action by intergovernmental bodies and individual Member States.

Key Objectives, Outputs and Indicators

Action-oriented analysis of humanitarian trends and emerging policy issues
Outputs Indicators
Reports of the Secretary-General developed and completed reflecting key humanitarian priorities and concerns. ECOSOC policy priorities and themes agreed to by the IASC and Member States. Number of operational and policy priorities defined and analysed as part of Secretary-General's reports. ECOSOC resolution reflects policy priorities and themes.

More strategic advocacy of humanitarian principles and issues
Outputs Indicators
Intergovernmental strategy aimed at building understanding and acceptance of priority humanitarian policy issues and principles developed and implemented. Strategy related to OCHA's work with regional and subregional organizations developed. Percentage of defined priorities endorsed in humanitarian resolutions.

Improved coordination structures at country, regional and international levels
Outputs Indicators
Understanding of Member States on the use of military assets in disaster settings advanced. Percentage of relevant recommendations from the OCHA/SIPRI study adopted as part of intergovernmental resolutions.