OCHA in 2009 Cover

OCHA Strategic Framework 2007-2009

Goals Objectives
A better coordinated, more equitably supported international humanitarian response system
  • 1.1 A predictable and needs-based humanitarian financing system
  • 1.2 Improved coordination structures at country, regional, and international level
  • 1.3 Strengthened OCHA emergency response capacity
  • 1.4 Greater incorporation of disaster risk reduction approaches and strengthened preparedness in humanitarian response
  • 1.5 A strategy contributing to seamless transition and early recovery
Recognized OCHA leading role in humanitarian policy, advocacy and information management
  • 2.1 Action-oriented analysis of humanitarian trends and emerging policy issues
  • 2.2 More strategic advocacy of humanitarian principles and issues
  • 2.3 A common approach to needs assessments and impact evaluation
  • 2.4 Protection advanced at the global, regional, and national level
  • 2.5 Strengthened information management based on common standards and best practices
An effectively managed and responsive organisation
  • 3.1 Improved management practices for “one OCHA”
  • 3.2 Application of better financial management tools
  • 3.3 Accountable and transparent human resources planning and management
  • 3.4 Competent management cadre effectively leading teams and accountable for results