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Fast Facts

OCHA Colombia is working in a unique situation, with different contexts depending on the individual region. Humanitarian needs vary from conflict and post-conflict scenarios to sudden onset emergencies, including complex emergencies and natural disasters. Colombia thus requires versatile, creative and dynamic responses in the areas of coordination, preparedness, and response and information management.

The following are some of the main needs identified in Colombia:

OCHA engagement in Colombia is based on the following coordination expertise:

In 2010, the OCHA Colombia action plan will contribute to a more enabling environment for humanitarian action by placing increased emphasis on partnerships, accountability, and working cohesively with government and the affected communities. OCHA will:

Strengthening Relationships with a Wider Group of Operational Partners

In line with the new OCHA Strategic Framework 2010-2013, the CO in Colombia has actively promoted the establishment of the Humanitarian Studies Institute (HSI) that aims at strengthening relationships with a wider group of humanitarian actors to advance humanitarian action. This work is compatible with positioning OCHA as a knowledge broker in humanitarian issues. The goal of HSI is to close the gap between humanitarian practitioners and academics in the field. Not only is OCHA a promoter in this area, it functions as a technical secretariat for meetings. The creation of the HSI seeks to serve as a tool for the dissemination and analysis of existing and ongoing research in humanitarian topics throughout Colombia.

HSI now includes more than 50 institutions, mostly universities, which are increasingly entering the field of applied research to advance humanitarian action. The potential for improving humanitarian action is greatly improving. Not only are a variety of universities participating, but events and forums are playing a vital advocacy role on humanitarian issues throughout the country. While supporting and strengthening relationships, the Colombia experience with HSI will serve to guarantee that humanitarian response and response preparedness are consistently underpinned by integrated analysis and rigorous learning.