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Fast Facts

Despite the absence of a quick onset disaster or open conflict, past and recent events demonstrate the need for emergency preparedness and response in Guinea. While reinforcing such capacity among humanitarian partners, OCHA promote a smooth transition to development, as the situation allows. Compounded by recent political events, the volatile situation in Guinea has necessitated a review of the contingency plans to update preparedness measures and make sure stocks were there.

In its capacity of inter cluster coordinator, OCHA has identified and discussed these issues with the relevant cluster leads who will contribute to the revision of the contingency plans. If the situation does not spiral out of control in 2010, OCHA will strive to consolidate humanitarian efforts and increasingly shift from relief to recovery and development activities. While significant concerns remain, most are caused by systemic problems of chronic poverty and weak governance, requiring long-term development approaches. Now that most IDPs and refugees have either returned home or been integrated, OCHA Guinea is planning to begin to phase-down in 2010. The plan includes reinforcing the capacity of government to take over particular humanitarian coordination functions and handing over select functions to United Nations agencies, mainly to UNDP and the RC office.

It is planned that OCHA will maintain a Country Office in Guinea at least through mid-year 2010, at which point it may phase-down to a HSU, integrated into the Office of the RC with a single Humanitarian Affairs Officer. In 2010, OCHA Guinea will focus on the following strategic priorities: