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In 2010, OCHA Sudan expects to face the following challenges:

In the face of the above challenges, OCHA has an important role in the following areas:

In 2010, the OCHA Sudan action plan will include the following priorities:

Renewing Collaboration in Darfur

The establishment of a strengthened and expanded High Level Committee (HLC) at the federal level and regular visits by the group to Darfur states has helped establish a renewed spirit of collaboration between the government and the humanitarian community. HLC members include the United Nations, NGOs, donors/diplomatic missions, regional organizations, United Nations peacekeeping operations (UNAMID), and many government line ministries. This forum presents a unique opportunity to discuss key gaps and challenges related to programme quality, bureaucratic impediments and safety and security issues.

Due to the high level nature of the meeting, accountability on how to address key gaps are jointly discussed with the government. An interesting outcome of these joint meetings has been greater trust and relationship building between the sector lead and their respective line ministry. This has facilitated more open dialogue, empathy and commitment to address the unmet needs of vulnerable populations in Darfur. Since its first meeting on 7 May 2009, the HLC has met three times. Among the achievements, the HLC has endorsed clear terms of reference, established state level monitoring mechanisms and discussed the protection issue.