Governance, Policy and Guidance

The activities of the PHPF are carried out under the overall stewardship of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The HC is supported by Advisory Board and OCHA-led Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) fulfilling the PHPF’s secretariat functions. The PHPF Advisory Board is chaired by the HC and welcome the senior-level participation of donors, UN organizations (in their capacity as cluster lead agencies) and NGO representatives. Cluster coordinators play a key role in prioritization as well as project review at both a strategic and technical level. PHPF Operational Manual describes the scope, governance arrangements, objectives, allocation modalities, and accountability mechanisms of the Fund including roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved. PHPF Operational Manual also provides guidance to implementing partners and facilitate the role of OCHA, members of the Review Committees, and cluster/sectoral experts.

Policy and Guide 
Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF) Operational Manual
ERF Guidelines (April 2012)
Application Package
Annex I - Proposal Template Pakistan Emergency Response Fund
Annex II - Project Initial Budget Format
Annex III - Capacity Assessment Form
Annex IV - Applicant Profile Form
Annex V - Report Template
Annex VI - Financial Report Template
Bank Information Form
Third Party Request Form
Standard MoU for UN Agencies
Standard MoU for NGOs
More Policy and Guidelines