Press Releases

09 Jul 2015
Pakistan: ERF provided healthcare services through strengthened static centres and mobile outreach

The Health Cluster is an important life-saving cluster among the nine clusters active in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), responding to the immediate health needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs). IDPs are prone to different health risks due to a variety of issues and vulnerabilities, such as malnutrition, poor sanitation, inadequate and unsafe drinking water, harsh weather and poor immune systems resulting from inadequate...

09 Jul 2015
Pakistan: ERF prioritizes support for the disabled

“I also earn a living now,” exclaimed a jubilant Sher Mohammad who shared his achievement. Residing in Ghulam Hussain Brohi, a small village in Jacobabad District, 26-year-old Sher Mohammad was left deaf with verbal impairment and physical disabilities due to polio at a very young age. Although very intelligent, Sher was unable to undertake any gainful activity that would contribute towards the family income. Sher’s younger brother and sister were also affected by polio and...

09 Jul 2015
Pakistan: Education support to displaced children in Kohat

Support from the ERF is helping displaced children living in hosting areas in KP to resume their education which in turn helps and improve their life chances. PADO, a national NGO, is implementing an education project in Kohat District for children from FATA funded by the ERF. By the end of this project, 2,750 children (1,375 boys and 1,375 girls) will be supported in school; 10 additional teachers will be recruited and trained in Kohat; 2,750 children will be provided with...

09 Jul 2015
Pakistan: ERF brings NWA displaced children into schools

“My family was planning for evacuation when we heard of the military operation in our village. After a short span of time the military operation started and we fled our village to save our lives,” says Muhib Ullah.

Muhib Ullah’s family is one of the displaced families from North Waziristan Agency (NWA) who fled for their lives, settling in hosting areas of Bannu District. He and his family are staying with one of his father’s friend.

“The time of...

09 Jul 2015
Pakistan: ERF-funded livestock support provides hope

“My name is Abdullah Noor Khan son of Haji Gul Mateen. I am a registered displaced person and permanent resident of Mir Ali Nawan North Waziristan. Currently I am residing in a rented house at Tapi Eid Gah Karak. I have a large family of 19 members to support. I have [a] total of 18 animals [3 cows, 2 buffalos, 2 bulls, 7 goats and 4 sheep].”

Abdullah Noor was a common labourer before his migration from NWA to Karak. He was living a normal life back in his home town...