Press Releases

07 Oct 2011
Pakistan: United Nations Humanitarian Fund gives US$17.6 million (Pkr 1.54 billion) to help people in flooded areas of Pakistan

(Islamabad/ New York, 7 October 2011): The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated US$17.6 million (PKR 1.54 billion) to provide water, food, shelter and healthcare to thousands of families devastated by floods in Pakistan.

“We are grateful for the immediate funding provided by the CERF, especially with UN relief stocks running low. This gives UN agencies flexible resources to continue to help save lives,” said Timo Pakkala,...

30 Sep 2011
Pakistan: UN warns relief supplies are running out for Pakistan flood affected people

(Islamabad/New York: 30 September 2011): The United Nations is warning that resources are running out amidst growing humanitarian needs in flood ravaged southern Pakistan. The floods washed away entire communities and have left more than five million people struggling to survive without adequate food, water, health care and shelter.

“Urgent relief is critical as families continue to suffer in the aftermath of the floods. Unless we receive new pledges to the Floods...

26 Sep 2011
Pakistan: Emergency Relief Coordinator’s Key Messages on Pakistan, 26 September 2011 - Issue Number 13

I. Key Messages

  1. Widespread flooding in Pakistan has caused a major humanitarian emergency, but the situation has not received sufficient international attention. At least 5.4 million people need help, and the number is growing. In some areas of Sindh, humanitarian needs are approaching the levels of 2010. This crisis requires an urgent response.

  2. The impact of this year’s flooding cannot be seen in isolation. In 2010, 18 million people were...

19 Sep 2011
Pakistan: UN launches Pakistan floods 2011 rapid response plan for US$357 million

(Islamabad/Geneva/New York: 19 September 2011): The United Nations called for US$357 million to help the Government of Pakistan provide life-saving assistance to more than 5 million people left destitute by devastating monsoon rains and flooding in southern Pakistan.

The United Nations Rapid Response Plan for 2011 aims to provide food, water, sanitation, health, and emergency shelter to the worst hit families for six...

11 Sep 2011
Pakistan: Monsoon rains affect millions of people, UN launches humanitarian response

(Islamabad/Geneva/New York: 10 September 2011): Torrential monsoon rains have pounded southern Pakistan, triggering serious flooding affecting more than five million people, among them communities still recovering from last year’s extraordinary floods. The disaster has reportedly taken the lives of 199 people, destroyed or damaged nearly one million houses, and flooded 4.2 million acres of land, prompting the Government of Pakistan to call for support from the United...