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About OCHA in the Asia-Pacific region

Asia and the Pacific is the world's most disaster-prone region. Every year, millions of people are affected by natural hazards including earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical storms, flooding, landslides and volcanic eruptions.

The region laid claim to seven of the 10 most deadly global disasters in 2013, affecting a total of 85 million people in 2014 and displacing 1.38 million. New challenges, including climate change, resource shortages and urbanization are placing additional burdens on humanitarian actors, making emergencies more complex and protracted.

OCHA is the part of the United Nations Secretariat responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies. It plays a key role in coordinating international humanitarian preparedness and response in the region. OCHA’s work in Asia and the Pacific is focused around four key areas:

  • Mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian response in partnership with national and international actors in order to alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies.
  • Advocate the rights of people in need.
  • Promote preparedness and prevention.
  • Conduct humanitarian analysis and facilitate sustainable solutions


Where we work

OCHA in Asia and the Pacific supports 24 countries and four territories. It has offices in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. It also has regional offices in Fiji and Thailand.

How we deliver   

OCHA’s Strategic Plan presents OCHA’s vision, overarching goals and strategic objectives. A related Management Plan explains how OCHA will strengthen its operations to deliver against this plan.

OCHA’s Strategic Plan 2014-17 describes how we will contribute to field effectiveness and reform. We will focus on delivering two mutually reinforcing goals: improving humanitarian action in the world’s ongoing crises, and increasing the effectiveness of response efforts by engaging with new partners and promoting new technologies and ideas.

Contact us

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)
Executive Suite, Second Floor, UNCC Building
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue,
Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2288 1234
Fax: +66 (0) 2288 1043
Email: ocha-roap@un.org