Myanmar ranks first on OCHA’s list of most at-risk Asia-Pacific countries in 2011. Despite being a resource-rich country with a strong agricultural base, its population of over 50 million people are among the poorest in the world. Years of conflict and unresolved ethnic differences have contributed to the displacement of around 450,000 people and an influx of refugees in neighboring countries.

OCHA established its presence in Myanmar in May 2008 at the onset of Cyclone Nargis to support the humanitarian response in the affected areas of the Ayerwaddy Delta. OCHA then shifted its attention in support of national disaster preparedness efforts and provision of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in border areas.



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Funding to OCHA Myanmar


Donors USD
Requirements for 2015 5,621,056
Earmarked Contributions 0
Opening Balance ** 52
Total (Contributions + Opening Balance) *** 52
Funding (%) 0%
* In 2015 OCHA received unearmarked contributions from the following donors:



Korea, Republic of



New Zealand

Unearmarked contributions (or commitments) are those for which the donor does not require the funds to be used for a specific project, sector, crisis or country, leaving OCHA to decide how to allocate the funds.
** May include unearmarked and earmarked funding with implementation dates beyond the calendar year
*** Excludes miscellaneous income (e.g. adjustments, gain/losses on exchange rate etc.)
Funding information from the OCHA Contributions Tracking System