OCHA has been present in Nepal since 2005 and sits within the Resident Coordinator's Humanitarian Support Unit. OCHA provides national secretariat services to monthly coordination meetings, to both the Principal and Operational Humanitarian Country Teams, and supports the cluster coordination mechanism.

OCHA also facilitates the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium Flagship Programme II on emergency preparedness. OCHA facilitates the cluster-specific disaster response contingency plan processes and maintains the contingency plan “chapeau” for the Humanitarian Country Team in Nepal.

In support of the Government of Nepal, OCHA with support from the Resident Coordinator's field coordination offices, works closely with the regional and district authorities, UN Agencies, I/NGOs, the donor community, local communities and civil society to formulate district preparedness plans and to ensure adequate readiness and response activities at the time of a disaster.

For much more information on the UN and partners in Nepal, please visit the UN Nepal Information Platform.



OCHA Nepal
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Pulchowk, Kathmandu,
Tel: +977 (1) 552 3200
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