Humanitarian Financing

In 2011, countries in the Asia-Pacific region have provided more than $1 billion in humanitarian funding, according to the OCHA Financial Tracking Service. This represents approximately 12.5 per cent of contributions reported globally. Japan has been the largest contributor of funding in the region ($637 million), followed by Australia ($264 million) and China ($87 million).

In 2010, Japan ($865 million), Australia ($286 million) and China ($38 million) were also the top three contributors. Afghanistan and Somalia are the top recipients of humanitarian aid from the region.

Asia has received almost $1.3 billion in humanitarian aid this year, which is double what the region received in 2010 ($600 million). Japan received the most assistance ($720 million) following the earthquake and tsunami in March. Most of this was from private and business donors. The other two top recipients of humanitarian funds were Sri Lanka ($170 million) and DPRK ($97 million).

CERF in Asia and the Pacific

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated just over $55 million for emergencies in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011. This amount accounts for 13.5 per cent of the total allocated worldwide. This is similar to the amount the region received in 2010 ($55 million).

CERF grants were used to kick start life-saving interventions in Bhutan, Cambodia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, while also maintaining operations in DPRK. CERF also supported the continuation of core programmes in underfunded crises in DPRK, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. For a second year, Sri Lanka was the region’s largest recipient. It received $16 million for humanitarian needs in the north of the country, and for the floods in the first quarter of the year. 

A growing number of countries in Asia and the Pacific are supporting CERF financially. This year, 18 countries (up from 13 in 2010) in the Asia-Pacific region committed $22.6 million to CERF, or 5 per cent of the $428 million that was committed globally. This represents an 18 per cent increase over what Asia-Pacific countries committed to CERF in 2010 ($19 million).

Australia has been the region's largest CERF donor since 2006. In 2011, it donated just under $14 million to the fund. It ranks as the eighth-largest donor to CERF.  


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