The continued occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, ongoing conflict, access restrictions and internal Palestinian divisions have resulted in a protracted protection crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). Serious international humanitarian law and human rights violations continue, with Palestinian communities subject to policies that undermine their ability to live normal and self-sustaining lives.

Humanitarian assistance in the oPt is critical to prevent a further deterioration in the protection of the civilian population, improve food security, ensure access to basic services, and prevent forced displacement. Food security and improving the protection environment are among the key humanitarian concerns in the oPt.

In 2011, OCHA developed the first inter-agency Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) advocacy strategy, providing humanitarian actors with a platform to maximize efforts to effect change. OCHA will continue to reinforce this and ensure that the inter-cluster forum is more operationally focused so it can rapidly and effectively respond to events.

The OCHA office in the occupied Palestinian territory was established in late 2000. OCHA ROMENA provides thematic support when required.

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