In recent years, Qatar has become a prominent actor on both the regional and global humanitarian stage. Like other Gulf States, it also has a significant presence of overseas workers with a population of over 1.8m and a thriving business and economy sector.

On the humanitarian front, Qatar has a fairly well developed sector providing aid and support at home and abroad. Its largest entity is Qatar Charity, followed by the Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammed Al Thani Charity Foundation, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Shafallah Center, Al Fakhoora Campaign and Reach Out To Asia (ROTA). These organizations cover all aspects of aid and development response, from education in conflict areas to water and sanitation projects and disaster and emergency response missions.

In 2011, Qatar established the first regional centre for Civil-Military Coordination under the HopeFor Initiative to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of the use of military and civil defense assets for natural disaster response. This has since led to related partnerships with Turkey and the Dominican Republic. Qatar is also a small base for a number of international organizations, including UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIDO and the European Commission and shares a Memorandum of Understanding with OCHA.


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