Emergency Preparedness

In simple terms, OCHA’s preparedness activities are aimed at creating favorable conditions for a successful emergency response to disasters in the region. OCHA provides leadership in disaster preparedness so that agreed tools and products enable better decision-making, action and a more effective response.

OCHA ROP provides direct support for disaster preparedness, information management, coordinated needs assessment and response coordination at national levels.  Inter-agency contingency-planning exercises and simulations across the Pacific have fostered stronger relations between regional and national responders. OCHA ROP also provides support to Pacific Humanitarian Team cluster-specific initiatives, such as capacity-building and the development of emergency tools and services.

Minimum Preparedness Package

OCHA has developed a Minimum Preparedness Package (MPP) of support actions tailored to the needs of disaster-prone countries. Introduced in 2012, the MPP is a framework that includes a checklist of preparedness actions and objectives to provide a more coherent approach to preparedness and support to national disaster management authorities and UN Resident Coordinators.

Objectives at the country and regional levels include an understanding of disaster management roles and responsibilities, an inclusive coordination structure, the ability to issue funding appeals at short notice and to produce key information products based on cluster inputs to support coordination, analysis and decision making.

The MPP has been rolled out in three priority Pacific Island countries: Vanuatu, Fiji and Solomon Islands.